GD feeding his members  

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the similarity of their parents and sisters jungsis

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ok so long story short, my mom hates my art, and thinks i will never make it as an artist "you should fall in love first" so i told her that i would never go into any relationships until my art was popular enough that my role model (gdragon) had seen my art. well my sister came up with an idea that i should try to contact him on twitter. but i'm not popular enough, would it be cheating? and would he even bother looking at my art?

I think it’s worth a shot. Try contacting GD through twitter, but remember not to spam him lol. I also don’t think it’s cheating, you’re just promoting yourself.

And to raise your popularity continue to post your artwork on different social media. Try to get people that enjoy your artwork to share it with their friends and their followers. Be confident in what you do :)

Nothing is easy, that’s how life is lol. Although it’s a slim chance that he’s going to see your artwork, it’s still a chance, although very slim(I have no idea if he even checks art from fans or anything like that). Remember to be positive and look on the bright side though.

It’s hard to address the part about your mother disliking your artwork. Try to think from her perspective. Being an artist is hard work and becoming popular will be difficult. It’s a hard path to choose. Also everyone has different opinions in what they like and don’t like. People in the future will agree with your mother, while others will come to love your artwork. She’s probably just thinking of your future and trying to think of what is best for you.

Hopefully this helps you a bit. I wish you the best of luck! FIGHTING!

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Stephanie G.

Thanks for playin’ playa.

S: Something Flutters - Ra.D
T: Tantara - Alphabat
E: Ending Page - f(x)
P: Painful Sadness - Younha
H: Happy - 2NE1
A: After Club - Brown Eyed Girls
N: Naughty Hands - Sistar feat. Verbal Jint
I : In My Place - MYNAME
E: Eraser - So Ji Sub feat. Mellow

G: Go Home - 1sagain feat. Park Soo Min

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Annyeong! Thanks for playing.

M: Mr.Taxi - SNSD
E: Expiration Date - Tablo
L: Last Scene - Philtre feat. Lim Kim & Choiza
L: Lie - Brave Guys feat. Airplane
I : I Already Know - Phantom
S: Safety Zone - DMTN
S: See What I See - Royal Pirates
A: Always - BIGBANG

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Ello, thanks for playing :)

E: Echo - Kim Tae Woo

L: Let Me In - Son Ga In & Joo Hyung Woo

I : If I Love You - NS Yoon G feat. Duble Sidekick

A: Autumn - Saltnpaper

S: Superstar - Taeyang

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Yo, thanks for playin’

S: Sad Ending - VIXX

A: Alone - Sistar

M: Man Should Laugh - Homme

U: Uh ee - Crayon Pop

E: Everyday Different Tears - Sonnet Son

L: Lay Back - K.Will

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Thanks for playing!

B: Back Hug - SNSD

E: Earn Money - Wheesung

C: Childlike - John Park

C: Coincidence - Urban Zakapa

A: Artificial Grass - Akdong Musician

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his reaction when all the girls simultaneously stand up (i think to disagree w/ him).

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